We live in turbulent times…chaotic and divisive times where for so many “us against them” has not only become a daily mantra, but also a prideful invocation.  Yet, fight it though we may, the truth is there is no “them” - for the one and only thing that all of us undeniably share with the rest of the over seven billion residing upon the planet—is the simple truth that we are all human.


For that reason it is time to to designate and celebrate a holiday that includes every person upon the planet. A global holiday celebrating the only thing all 7.5 billion of us have in common—our shared humanity.


On this July 21st, and for every year forward on this day, let us recognize and celebrate the simple truth that we are all human. On this day, let us pause and acknowledge that there is a sameness that connects us—an undeniable human connection that we share with every person upon the planet.


So be it a small gathering for a meal or a march of unison in a major metropolis, on this day let us recognize and celebrate our connection—an undeniable connection based upon the simple truth that we are all human.